FC Miami City had a new roster addition recently with the introduction of Pedro Adarillo coming from The International Center of European Football (ICEF). Adarillo joined the team following a 10-month stint in Evian, France at The ICEF Europe training facilities. Adarillo is grateful for the opportunity to play in the United States and recognizes the benefits of being part of Strive Football Group’s network as he explained, “The support I received at the ICEF was great, and they put me in contact with many people. Being part of the Strive Football Group and all the connections that we have helped me get to a new level.”

In discussing why he feels prepared for this opportunity with FC Miami City, Adarillo explained, “At The ICEF Europe, we train every day during the week, and we have games on the weekends, so I think this was what helped me develop most on the field. All the coaches are certified with UEFA licenses, and the training environment is very professional.”

The ICEF and FC Miami City have a strong connection through the Strive Football Group global network which assists players on their #path2pro. The ICEF offers its players many different opportunities for gaining experience at the next level including training with the nearby professional club, Thonon Evian Grand Genève FC, and joining FC Miami City in the United States. Adarillo shared, “Now I am here playing for FC Miami City, and I think it is the best opportunity that I can have. I am able to play in one of the best championships in the U.S. and gain many contacts through the team.” The USL is the top recruitment platform for Major League Soccer as over 72% of MLS players were drafted with USL experience. Through this opportunity, Adarillo hopes to benefit from the exposure available to him through the USL to achieve his dreams of attending college in the United States. “My next step is going to a good college, getting my degree , and continuing to play so one day I can sign a pro contract,” Adarillo said.

“It’s a really good team with really good players. The environment is really friendly, and we are more than a team, we are a family. Training with the older and stronger guys in a very competitive league helped me gain a lot of experience and also develop my technical abilities.” He earned his first game minutes for the club in the team’s 5-4 win over Florida Elite SA on June 30th. Adarillo is a dynamic asset for FC Miami City and brings unique experience to the team.