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What happened in May for the City Boys?

The FC Miami City started of the 2017 season with a winning streak of three games and one loss.

Overall, in the month of May the team has demonstrated to be one of the top teams in the league with well-prepared players and reinforcements that came from France where they were selected after February’s tryouts in France.

Now let’s take an inside look at how the season is looking so far:
The season opener at Tropical Park against the Lakeland Tropics was one to be remembered. Joel Ouedraogo #9 (Forward) scored two out of the 4 goals made that night, Joel had an outstanding performance offensively and defensively as well. Hamza Mourchi #19 (Forward) played an aggressively game, with a lot of speed in the midfield giving the team control over the game, and the defender Jonathan Parpeix #21 with his accurate free kicks and corner kicks as well.

Bryan Perea #11 – Mohamed Kourouma #10 – Naim Hamdi #98

The second game against South Florida Surf was another victory for the club winning 3-1, with a beautiful goal by Naim Hamdi #98 (Midfielder) scoring back- to-back games alongside the Captain Bryan Perea #11 (Forward) who scored a penalty goal.

Joel Ouedraogo vs South Florida Surf

The third game of the season was an away game against Weston FC with a 5-1 win. It was a competitive game from beginning to end. With another great performance by the forward Ouedraogo scoring one goal and the defender Kevin Coiffic #6 scoring for his first time in the season with an amazing header during the corner kick right before going to half time.

Kevin Coiffic Header vs Weston FC

Coming back home at Tropical Park, FC Miami City played against one of the toughest opponents in the league: SIMA Aguilas. It was the first loss for the FC Miami City with a 1-2 score. It was an unfortunate time for the club because in the first half the referee gave a red card to the midfielder Abderraouf Abdallah #14 which the foul was not intentional but the referees saw the opposite. Therefore, moments after the expulsion, SIMA Aguilas scored their first goal and we finished the first half at 1-1 after Mohamed Kourouma #10 (Forward) scored his first goal of the season.
And later in the reposition time were able to squeeze the victory goal. Overall, FC Miami City had great opportunities but came up short.

Mohamed Kourouma vs SIMA Aguilas

For the month of June we’re looking forward for more victories and exciting games from the FC Miami City team and don’t forget to tune in for more team updates and stats for the upcoming games. Remember to follow us on our social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Youtube channel FC Miami City.

June’s program for your FC Miami City:

June 4th: Home game vs IMG Academy
June 10th: Home game vs Palm Beach Suns FC
June 14th: Away game vs Palm Beach Suns FC
June 17th: Home game vs Weston FC
June 24th: Away game vs Lakeland Tropics
June 27th: Away game vs Tampa Bay Rowdies

By Erika Devia

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