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Introducing FC Miami City’s New Brand Identity

After over 5 years we are proud to announce our new identity! Modern, refined, and sophisticated, the updated brand identity mirrors the recent expansion and increased ambitions of our club conveying a more professional look.

The new logo combines key elements representing an homage to our rich history and symbols of our vision for the coming years:


The Eagle

The eagle, emblem of the United States, flying over Miami. But also symbolizing the role and hope of the FC Miami City: to develop talented soccer players to take flight towards a professional career.


The Waves

The waves represent the new generations of soccer players, visually illustrated in the logo as the new wave of soccer talents in the U.S. and beyond.


The Miami city skyline

Our home base, the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area.


The Stars

The two gold star, symbolize our ambition, both in competition and in being the stepping stone for talented players to launch their career in soccer.


The Circle

The historic shape of the FC Miami City logo, representing unity and inclusivity.


Our Colors

FC Miami City’s historic colors, blue, white and red. Also, the colors of the U.S. flag and the Paris Saint-Germain with which the club has strong connections, representing the link created by the club between both continents.

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