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FC Miami City 0 - 5 Shakthar Donetsk
Jan 27 2016 - 03:00FIU Soccer Stadium


On January, 27th 2016 at FIU Stadium our champions had the privilege to play against on of the most important clubs in Europe: FC Shakthar Donetsk.

It has been a great test for head coach Wagneau Eloi that will help him to choose which players will be officially part of the new season’s roaster for this year. This incredible inaugural season match has been the perfect opportunity for our players to challenge their skills and level against a high professional team which will be compete in the Champions League this year.

Our supervisors at the end of the match were satisfied by the commitment and level that the team showed during the game. This has been a unique experience for FC Miami City to experience the vibe of a professional soccer environment, playing against experienced and valuable players.

This is just the beginning of an amazing season for our champions, and the best is yet to come!!

Stay Tuned!