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FC Miami City 2017: Midfielders announcement

MIAMI, FLA. – Soccer is a game to many, a career to some, and a lifestyle to even fewer. Our returning players have impressed while playing in the PDL last year and our rookies during the tryouts in Miami or in Paris, France. Experience and freshness will hopefully be a good recipe for this season.

Please welcome our Midfielders in the team for this 2017 campaign.

2016 Returning players:

Fares Mouri
Home country: Paris, France
Instagram: @resfa18

Fares has been playing with the FC Miami City for two years now. His experience and his confidence will help the team for all the challenges we have to face with this new season.


Bryan perea

Mohamed Benzakour
Home country: Morocco
Facebook: Simo Benzakour
Instagram: @SimoBenzakour

Mohamed has been part of the team in 2015 for our opening season. Last year, due to school commitment, he was not able to join the squad. He will perform on the midfield this season or as a forward if needed. Welcome Momo


2017 Signing players:

Carlos Chacon
Home country: United States
Facebook: Carlos Chacon
Instagram: Carlos Leandro Chacon

Born and raised in Miami, Carlos is signing with us again this season. Welcome dear Carlito!


Mouhoub Naït Merabet
Home country: Algeria
Instagram: moubinhoo

Scouted in February’s tryouts in Paris, Mouhoub has soccer in his veins. He will compete for a spot in the midfield this season. Welcome Moubinhoo!


Rassambek Akhmatov
Home country: France
Facebook: Rassambek Akhmatov
Instagram: rsmbk_95
Twitter: rasmoo_

Very easy technically, Rassambek won his spot on the roster after a tremendous Tryout in Paris. Welcome “Rassmouss”!


Abderraouf Ouled Abdallah
Home country: Tunisia
Facebook: Abdé Ouled
Instagram: Abdelinho14

On and off the field, Abderraouf has proven his commitment to the club since day 1. Scouted in Paris after February’s tryouts, he is part of the family and will play in the midfield this year. Welcome Abdé!


FC Miami City ROSTER


Alejandro Santillan, Mehdi Taieb, Eric Edge


Chris Davis, Yerandy Suarez, Kevin Coiffic, Jon Colino, Hervé Batoménila (returning players)
Kevin Warton, Jonathan Parpeix, Ethan Sonis new addition)


Fares Mouri, Mohamed Benzakour (returning players)
Carlos Chacon, Naim Hamdi, Rassambek Akhmatov, Mouhoub Naib Merabet, Abderraouf ouled Abdallah (new addition)

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