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FC Miami City 2017: Forwards announcement

MIAMI – FLA. In soccer, being a striker is not an easy task. Everybody will look at you as a stats maker. There was a time, not so long ago, when statistics in soccer meant goals and assists.

Who is the best striker? Who scored the most number of goals? It’s a question that has been pondered over for years and has been heavily debated by fans, players and managers of the world football community alike.

But something that has rarely been looked at to determine a striker’s quality is his effectiveness.

2016 Returning players:

Mohamed Kourouma
Mohamed Kourouma
Home country: Canada
Instagram: @papi4
Named 2016 all conference player, Mohamed Kourouma decide to play with the City Boys this season again. welcome in the crew!


Bryan perea
Bryan Perea
Home country: Colombia
Instagram: @Bryanperea18
¡Bienvenido, Capitán Paloma! Gracias por ser el Capitán del equipo desde 2015 y por otro año mas!


Adam Chahti
Adam Chahti
Home country: USA
Instagram: @adamchahti
Pure product of our academy, the PSG Academy Florida, Adam is still our youngest player in the team this season. Welcome back Adam!


Zakariae Merzouk
Zakariae Merzouk
Home country: USA
Facebook: Zak Merzouk
Instagram: @Zak_Merzouk
3 years in a raw showing exemplarity, commitment and dedication to the club. Zak will be playing on the offensive line this season. Welcome back Zacky!


2017 Signing players:


Hamza Mourchid
Hamza Mourchid
Home country: France
Facebook: Hamza Mourchid
Twitter: hamza_mourchid
Instagram: @hamzouz10
Promising college player with Gannon University Hamza Mourchid decided to join the FC Miami City this summer as a forward. Welcome to the crew Hamza!


Joel Ouedraogo
Joel Ouedraogo
Home country: Burkina Faso
Instagram: @joel_champion_ouedraogo
Joel is a real #9. Calm and powerful in the box. He is expected to shoulder the burden of scoring goals for his team… Welcome Joel!


Naim Hamdi
Naim Hamdi
Home country: France
Instagram: @naiim_junior
The legend tells us that Naim was born Brazilian! Welcome to the FC Miami City kid!


FC Miami City ROSTER


Alejandro Santillan, Mehdi Taieb, Eric Edge


Chris Davis, Yerandy Suarez, Kevin Coiffic, Jon Colino, Hervé Batoménila (returning players)
Kevin Warton, Jonathan Parpeix, Ethan Sonis new addition)


Fares Mouri, Mohamed Benzakour (returning players)
Carlos Chacon, Naim Hamdi, Rassambek Akhmatov, Mouhoub Naib Merabet, Abderraouf ouled Abdallah (new addition)

Bryan Perea, Adam Chahti, Zak Merzouk, Mohamed Kourouma (returning players)
Naim Hamdi, Hamza Mourchid, Joel Ouedraogo (new addition)

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