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Exclusive partnership with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital!

Starting in June 2015, FC Miami City is providing an exclusive and unique program along with The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital that will benefit to our entire community.

Another unique and ‘never-seen-in-Florida’ partnership establishing that FC Miami City we cares about children and provides each member with the best.

FC Miami City is the only club in Florida to be supported by The Miami Children’s Health System for season 2015/2016. Consequently, we are the only club to provide such a premium program for the children of the community.



The biggest danger as a parent is to see our children hurt and especially if the injury can jeopardize their future as an adult or an athlete. FC Miami City and Miami Children’s Health System are concerned about this danger and we are committed to Sports Health & Excellence ensuring kids and teens to remain in the game for life.

There are several injuries seen including shin splints, fractures, patellar tendinitis, and Achilles tendinitis, groin pulls and thigh and calf muscle strains.

In soccer, sprains and strains are the most common overuse lower extremity injuries including cartilage tears and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that may require surgery.

band-aid First complete check-up will be $30.
Take your children’s check-up appointment with us at [email protected].

Kicking-off during the 2015 Summer Camps and extending to the regular season 2015 / 2016, this program will allow all members of FC Miami City to enroll to ‘The Sports Health Vision’ at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital as a proactive prevention program against any kind of children and teens injuries.

The program focuses on the athletes’ outcomes and longevity in sports. FC Miami City and The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital provide injury prevention program with ‘Jump for Sport™’ and ‘Jump for Return to Sport™’. These are jump training programs based on neuromuscular trainings reducing the incidence of non-contact injuries in the young athlete during soccer that involves pivoting and jumping.


About 250,000 to 300,000 people experience a complete ACL tear each year. College and high school female athletes are three to four times more likely than male athletes. Extensive rehabilitation with physical therapy is required after an ACL injury and the athlete must temporarily suspend participation in the chosen sport for an extended period.

For more information feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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